Boost Pipe For BMW 128i 228i 320i 328i 428i X3 X4 F22 F30 F32 F34 F25 F26 N20N26

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Product Description:

-Increase throttle response and decreases turbo lag.
-Lightweight High Grade 6061 Aluminum Piping.
-Retains factory style o-ring throttle body lock flange. Precision CNC machined throttle body flange ensures leak free connection
to throttle body. Quick and easy connection and disconnection to throttle body. Ideal connection compared to the silicone hose
and hose clamp connection found in all other aftermarket diverter valve upgrade pipes available in the marketplace.
-Precision CNC machined MAP sensor flange ensures leak free connection.
-Diverter Valve Charge Pipe features beaded ends and T-bolt clamps to prevent intercooler piping from coming off from boost.
-Optional Type III Hard Black Anodizing (for stealth and OEM look). Hard anodizing helps improve durability of intercooler piping.
Resists bent or dented piping.
-Compatible with the factory electronic diverter valve.
-Includes all hardware for complete installation.


 BMW 128i/228i/320i/328i 2012-2018 420i/428i 2013-2016 N20/N26


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