Front Mount Intercooler For BMW X5 X6 35i/ix 35d E70/E71 F15/F16 2.0L 3.0L

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The BMW Competition Intercooler Autox has the following core dimensions (535mm x 332mm x 150mm / stepped, 19,2L).
The high performance intercooler core provides a 113,5% larger frontal area and 120% more volume compared to the stock mounted intercooler.
Our engineers have increased the intercooler core size and efficiency, as well as improved the end-tank design to remove any OEM bottlenecks,
resulting in increased flow rating and charge cooling properties.
We use our award winning Competition Intercooler Core which is made specifically for this application.
Constructed of the highest quality Tube Fin intercooler cores with inside turbulators combined with cast aluminum end-tanks optimized by CFD for best possible internal airflow.
The original charge air hoses can still be used. The result is excellent cooling properties and a lot less pressure drop then the stock intercooler.
BMW X5 E70 3.0d / 3.0sd (2006-2010)
BMW X5 E70 LCI 30dX / 35dX / 35iX / 40dX / 40iX (2009-2013)
BMW X6 E71 30dX / 35dX / 35iX / 40dX / 40iX (2007-2014)
BMW X5 F15 25d / 25dX / 28iX / 30dX / 35dX / 35i / 35iX / 40dX / 40eX (2012-2018)
BMW X6 F16 28iX / 30dX / 35i / 35iX / 40dX (2013-2018)


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